We can Increase your Bottom Line 
About 75-80% of all perishable retail sales through Amazon.com are no longer salable. How do we make you more money?
For Manufacturers
It is easy for us to sort and dispose of all expired or non-sealed items. If the remaining 20-25%  of returns only have cosmetic packaging damage we can resell these and split the profits.
For Non-Manufacturers
You may already be getting a credit from your manufacturer or distributor. We can still receive, sort, and manifest your returns for you. Then we ship the 70+% of reject products directly to your supplier free of charge. Depending on the value of the remaining items we can find a custom profit sharing agreement that creates a win-win for all parties involved.

Payment and Fees

Every month, we provide payouts to our partners based on a percentage of gross revenue minus our incurred fees. These fees include platform listing and selling fees, shipping labels, product return costs, etc. We do not charge our clients for any labor, storage, or other "misc" fees that we ourselves have not been charged from a 3rd party platform.

(more specifics can be provided upon request)