Never Touch a Customer Return Again!

Ship all Returns to Us

Ship your Amazon Customer returns to our warehouse and never waste that space in your warehouse again.

Inbound Processing

We will  receive all packages and actively fill out a shared document with all the necessary info and inspect/ test any items that have been opened and used.


We list, store, sell, and ship through several channels (Amazon, eBay,  our buyers list, and local auction). Our partners can request we refrain from using one or more of our sales outlets for the sake of the brands they work with.

Payment and Fees

Every month, we provide payouts to our partners based on a percentage of gross revenue minus our incurred fees. These fees include platform listing and selling fees, shipping labels, product return costs, etc. We do not charge our clients for any labor, storage, or other "misc" fees that we ourselves have not been charged from a 3rd party platform.

(more specifics can be provided upon request)