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Amazon Customer Returns

We sell your customer returns on a consignment basis so you can focus on growing your company. Our default is to sell all returns by the pallet as a percentage of new retail price, but if your product has not sold at the price we want, we can also retail your items directly on Amazon, eBay, or through local auctions ourselves.

A Better Version of Amazon Liquidation Service

Our goal is to be a convenient, superior alternative to Amazon Liquidation Services. We do this by offering:

  • Higher Pricing than Amazon

When money is your main priority, we strive to maintain a minimum of 10% new retail price as a payout after our fees. Amazon's Liquidation Service only ever offers a payout of 5-10%. We do this by liquidating in bulk or by cutting out the middleman and retailing your goods ourselves.

  • Superior Quality Control

If you think Amazon's "Disposal" option means them throwing your items in the garbage, look again at the fine print of the user agreement. As with Amazon's Liquidation Service, the "Disposal" option is a way for Amazon to sell your returns without even paying you for them. No quality control at all.

Alternatively, we work with you to understand your minimum resale condition requirements and have true disposal options. This means that you can actually throw away or recycle some of their worst items while getting a fair payout for the good quality items.

  • Faster Communication

We all know how slow and limited Amazon's customer service team is when it comes to addressing specific questions. Luckily, we are always an email or phone call away so you have true control over how your returns are handled.


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