Why Our Partners Love Us ———————— We respect your time, and keep an eye on your inventory for you

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Onboarding takes less than 30 min and we create removal orders for you forever. When we create these removal orders, we keep an eye out for mistakes that Amazon's employees make with your inventory so you don't lose thousands by accident.

Why Our Partners Love Us ———————— Get everything you need for handling
customer returns

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Higher Payout than Amazon Liquidation

We can guarentee that you will be paid as much or more for your items than if you just liquidate with Amazon. We do this by sending your unfulfillable inventory to either our warehouse or to Amazon’s Liquidation program (which ever pays you more for any particular item).

Guaranteed Sale

Unlike Amazon’s Liquidation program, auctions, or prep services, we charge no fees per item and we guarentee that all of your inventory is dealt with forever. You pay us with affordable inventory that we take on the job and risk of processing and reselling.

Protect your Brand and Buybox

We never sell any products on Amazon in “New” condition. Period. If your item can be sold as “Used” back on Amazon, we will work with you to calculate an appropriate custom payout based on our experience.

Speedy Signup

Sign up and connect your Amazon account in 5 minutes. We will then determine if we can bring value to your company and walk you through the rest of our speedy onboarding process.

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Work with Stellar and get access to all of our custom tools for inventory management... or, honestly, just let us do the work for you.

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